Here's how we can help you...
The services offered are comprehensive and work together as a cohesive machine. They include competitive research and conversion strategy, and creating a comprehensive customer journey from lead generation through sales and fulfillment … not just for individual aspects of your project, but as an umbrella over the way the entire marketing and sales machine functions. 

My job is to help your brand to create a connection, stand out, make an impact and get results.

When I decided to found this agency, it was spurred on because of a need I noticed in the online space. 

Businesses were beginning large marketing projects, but they were being created in pieces by different people with different ideas of the strategy and approach towards the end goal. Because of this, the pieces weren’t working correctly… the puzzle didn’t quite fit together… and on the user end, it felt disconnected and off. This hurt sales.

I believe we - as entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses - can grow and create massive success if our goals, strategies and overall presence are in line. We've helped brands to make it happen countless times. 

I’ve moved out of the Fortune 500 space to focus on serving brands who have a voice that deserves to be heard. We’re all here to make an impact, and when well-thought-out strategies come together with overarching action in a cohesive way, we can absolutely create it.

I’m a well-seasoned sales funnel strategist, digital gladiator and copywriter, and have a thorough grasp of what’s working now in the online space. Along with my creative and tech savvy team, our job is to help you, the consultant, coach, speaker, author or service-based online business owner, create the pathway to offers that change the game for your audience and impact them in ways they can't yet imagine. 

If you have offers already on the table, we can take action to build out that pathway to success. If you don’t have offers created yet, that’s okay! We're experienced in working with experts to create offers that work for your services, and your lifestyle, in your space of the competitive market. 

You’ve found the all-in-one, service-oriented, get-results digital support you’ve been looking for and can trust, where everything begins and ends with quality and personalization.

I’ve provided you with a more detailed description of my services below.

NOTE:  I often have a wait list, and previous clients stay and return back for additional work, so don’t wait  to start this process… I want you to achieve the highest level of success possible, and that comes best (and easiest) with planning and preparation.
Sales Funnel Design, Strategy, Consulting & Copywriting
If you are looking to launch a product or service, new online program, course or consulting offer, the Launch Consultation & Management option may be exactly what you need.
  • Proven strategies around the digital sales process to use to reach your goals
  • Lead magnet strategy, layout and formatting, resulting in a deliverable to your audience with your expert input
  • Landing pages, thank you pages and opt-in funnels to gain leads and build an audience
  • Sales pages and long sales letters for your signature offer - including both copy and layout
  • Personalized email nurture sequences (The email sequences we create get regular open rates of around and above 40%. They do a great job of building a relationship with your audience and positioning you as the expert you are.)
  • Customized graphic design and video editing to complement your brand's look and feel
  • Live and automated webinars
and more...

We dive into your customer's mind and create copy designed to convert by...
  • Capturing their attention at the top of the page, enticing the right audience to read on
  • Looking at your messaging and communicating in the way you do, with a natural voice and ease
  • Staying away from the pushy, ‘salesy’ approach, and building a connection and trust with the reader, while still enticing them to read on and take action
We focus the look and feel on your customized brand with graphic design and video by…
  • Creating beautiful, on-brand graphics that let your true followers know this is 'your brand' at first glance
  • Developing a thought out brand strategy for every piece, so we’re gaining their attention
  • Using our knowledge of sales funnels and conversions, and placing images, copy and brand colors in a way that optimizes your page to see the best results
  • Building customized landing pages, sales pages, and funnel pages… all designed to convert and match the look and feel of your established brand for a professional, consistent presence
You’ll work with our team anywhere from 4-16 weeks (or more if it’s a phased project), and prices per funnel begin at $8k, and are customized based on your particular strategic needs. (Paid digital advertising services and funnel management & optimization are also available.)

Pre-requisites: We work with experts with existing businesses who have a defined target market / customer avatar, and who have at least 1 core offer which has already seen conversions and results. Our clients are either running business online and ready to scale, or are offering services offline and are ready to transition or fully move online.
Launch Consultation & Management
After creating your offer or service and its sales funnel, you’re ready to launch it… but not without preparation.

To gain the best results from the launch and get people buzzing about what you have to offer, we’ll work closely, utilizing the skills of my team, to prepare for your launch.

We’ll create a timeline, a customized strategy, map out emails and automation workflows, copy and messaging, Facebook messenger bots, create a content calendar, create new lead opportunities, and review your platforms and tools, run Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns and oversee the marketing aspects of the launch of your new offer! Most often, we’ll work together for approximately 12 weeks and prices begin around $10k.

Pre-requisites: For this service, the existing business must have the offer built-out, the sales funnel ready for traffic and created with quality copy and images, and a budget for advertising. You must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions prior to and during the launch.
Digital Advertising - 
We capture your audience’s attention by…
  • Building an ad strategy designed to get a response from the right audience
  • Creating engaging copy and attention-getting images
  • Placing tracking pixels, allowing us to put your ad in front of your best prospects
  • Creating audiences who are interested in your offer and offers like yours
  • Pixel placement, allowing us to track those who landed on a page but didn’t take action
  • Testing images and copy to see which converts best
  • Optimizing ads and checking the conversion rates to be sure we’re gaining good quality leads for as little cost as possible
Clients work with us for a minimum of 3 months and the investment for ad services, sales funnel management and optimization starts at $3000 per month and increases with percentage of ad spend with larger budgets. Consult with SaleSong Studios for details.

Pre-requisites: An offer and funnel with high quality copy and images, tested and ready for conversions, as well as an advertising budget towards ads. (Most advertising clients' funnels are built by us and optimized while running advertising campaigns.)
Signature Intensive: Strategy & Consulting on Automated Marketing Funnels & Sales Processes
I’ll work with you 1-on-1 to focus on creating a marketing & sales masterplan in order to position your offer for success and create the process needed to move your audience members from simply intrigued to an excited, engaged customer. 

We'll map out a marketing and sales structure surrounding your offer based on what's already working in your market. This package will include foundational business & marketing essentials, sales funnel strategies, lead generation opportunities, creating messaging to build trust and position yourself as an expert to your audience, and more…

Clients interested in this consulting package will apply for a call with me to talk about the business as it stands and its goals.

Pre-requisites: The existing business must have their audience mapped out and an offer already seeing conversions. 
Email Marketing: Copywriting & Automated Email Sequence
When we begin communicating with someone new to our list, first impressions matter. The purpose of this sequence is to make the best first impression possible, because in order to serve our audience, we need to build a relationship with them.

We don't have time to nurture each new lead, so by building an automated sequence such as this, we allow ourselves to focus on growing our business and serving our clients, while still nurturing new leads.

This email marketing automation sequence is designed to...
  • Create a relationship and begin establishing the 'know, like, trust' process so essential in sales
  • Position you as a knowledgeable expert (and the obvious choice)
  • Share your story through a process of an interview and careful, strategic copywriting
  • Nurture the reader with targeted information, establishing the desire for them to want to work with you
  • Communicate the true value of your offer & lead them to the sale
Clients interested in this email marketing automation package will apply for a call with me to talk about the business, who it serves and the offer(s) currently in place.

Pre-requisites: This business must have their audience / customer avatar mapped out.
I don’t guarantee revenue goals (and anyone that does should be questioned). I can guarantee that the strategies and processes we use will have through research and time-tested results behind it, unless I see an opportunity others in your space aren’t taking… in which case I’ll be clear on our objective and we’ll test to get results.

I’ll help to get you unstuck in the journey between where you are now and where you’re headed. I’ll take away the work of dealing with sourcing and team issues, and provide deliverables that take your audience on a seamless journey from beginning to end. 

I’ll also put a plan in motion on what to do first and what goes next, laying out the order so things get done in a timely manner, all while considering your end goals.

SalesSong was created for those who have a vision and want to implement to see results. We stand behind and support entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses, and are 'all in' on their growth. 

Myself and my team of experts are experienced, well-trained, and get results. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, I’d love to get started.

I have a simple application form I require to be submitted to see if we’re a good fit for each other. This not only allows me to see you’ve met the pre-requisites, but also to take a look at your offer to be sure it's a good fit and has potential. If I see the ability to get results, that’s where the magic happens…
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